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  • La Mer Ceramide & Omega 3 Premium Treat for Hypoallergenic Skin

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    Ingredients: Kangaroo meat, external blue colored fish oil, external blue colored fish meat, natural ceramide, vit. C, calcium, vit. E, oligosaccharide, flaxseed oil, fucoidan – P, edible snail extract, rosemary powder, animal protein, water soluble silk worm powder, zinc, solbitol, malic acid Product Information: 10 packs of 30 grams in each box. Feeding Guide: CATEGORY PER DAY SERVING…

  • La Mer Dr Joint Care Treat

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    More than just Glucosamine: Contains various collagen, peptides, amino acids Chondroitin, Acharan sulfate from Edible snail extract Hyaluronic acid reduces joint stiffness Maintaining bone & skeletal health (Horse bone calcium from Jeju) Fish oil rich in Omega 3 with Green Lip Mussel helps to reduce pain joints and improve movements GS-M73 (Ginseng-Malt compound) helps reduce…