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  • Sale! Kangaroo and Blueberry Hypoallergenic Treat

    Kangaroo & Blueberry Treat for Hypoallergenic Skin

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    Kangaroo & Blueberry Hypoallergenic Treat Main Ingredients for the treat: Kangaroo meat Edible snail extract Blueberry White meat fish Flaxseed Horse bone meal Silkworm oil The treat is suitable for pets with sensitive skin and allergies. Kangaroo meat is known as the cleanest source of protein with a high content of protein and low in…

  • La Mer Ceramide & Omega 3 Premium Treat for Hypoallergenic Skin

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    Ingredients: Kangaroo meat, external blue colored fish oil, external blue colored fish meat, natural ceramide, vit. C, calcium, vit. E, oligosaccharide, flaxseed oil, fucoidan – P, edible snail extract, rosemary powder, animal protein, water soluble silk worm powder, zinc, solbitol, malic acid Product Information: 10 packs of 30 grams in each box. Feeding Guide: CATEGORY PER DAY SERVING…

  • La Mer Dr Joint Care Treat

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    More than just Glucosamine: Contains various collagen, peptides, amino acids Chondroitin, Acharan sulfate from Edible snail extract Hyaluronic acid reduces joint stiffness Maintaining bone & skeletal health (Horse bone calcium from Jeju) Fish oil rich in Omega 3 with Green Lip Mussel helps to reduce pain joints and improve movements GS-M73 (Ginseng-Malt compound) helps reduce…