14-Day Vetamind Supplement Trial Pack

  • Choose your supplements (Immune / Skin Coat / Liver /Kidneys) based on your pet's condition.
  • You will receive a 14-day supply of supplements for your pets (based on your choice).
  • Always consult our veterinary team for more information.
  • Send us your pet's supplement prescription from your veterinarian (if any).


MORIMMUNE - Immune Booster

Active Ingredients

Moringa oleifera, microalgae, probiotics, vitamin E, organic trace elements

Suitable for:

✅Senior cats and dogs: Reduces recurrence of respiratory issues, ear infections, urinary tract infections.

✅Young pups and kittens: Strengthens immunity for optimal growth

✅Dogs and cats adapting new environment: Alleviates stress

Product Benefits

💛Natural immunity booster for pets

💛Rich in natural anti-oxidants with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer propertie

💛Promotes faster healing especially after surgery recovery

💛Improves digestive system, promote proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria


MORIDERM - Skin Coat Enhancer

Active Ingredients

Evening primrose oil, lecithin, Moringa oleifera, seaweed powder, rosemary, cranberry extract, probiotics and multivitamins.

Suitable for:

✅Dogs and cats suffer from skin problems, supporting skin and hair regrowth

✅Dogs and cats recovering from hair loss

✅Dogs and cats undergoing veterinary treatment for skin probelsm to strengthen skin barrier

Product Benefits

💛Sooth inflammatory and itchy skin conditions

💛Promoting skin and coat health and strengthening skin barrier

💛Improving hair loss conditions due to nutritional deficiencies

💛Reduces the risk for infection, allergy and external parasitic infestation


MORILIV - Liver Protectant

Active Ingredients

Silymarin (milk thistle), Astagalus root, horseradish, licorice, yeast hydrolysate (GSH), vitamin E and C, zince methionine chelate, Enterococcus faecium.

Suitable for:

✅Dogs and cats that needed nutritional supplement for liver protection

✅Dogs and cats that suffer from liver conditions (consulted a veterinarian)

✅Dogs and cats that needed liver supplement to support medicine processing and metabolism

Product Benefits

💛Maintaining normal liver metabolism

💛Assisting liver cells repair and restoring liver function

💛Supporting liver function in processing medication

💛Assisting in liver detoxification and clearing free radicals in the body


MORIKID - Kidney Support

Active Ingredients

Chitosan, glutathione, microalgae and various amino acids.

Suitable for:

✅Dogs and cats that needed nutritional supplement for kidney health

✅Dogs and cats that suffer from kidney conditions, i.e. Acute Kidney Injuries (AKI) or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

✅Consulted your veterinarian about your pets' kidney condition


Product Benefits

💛Maintaining normal kidney functions

💛Strengthening immunity and reducing inflammatory responses

💛Aiding in the repair of kidney cells and clearance of free radicals.

💛Aiding in decreasing the toxin level




💯 Effective, easy-to-use, affordable!

💯Meat flavoured tablets, favourited by even picky eaters like poodles 🐩

💯 Nutritional superfood to improve general well-being 🍎

💯 One tablet per day, as a treat rewards for your pets 🍗


Directions for Use:

As dietary supplement (oral use) only. Give once or twice daily. For optimal results, feed according to the weight chart below.


For Cats and Dogs:

Body Weight

Below 5 kg

5 kg - 10 kg

Above 10 kg

No. of Tablet

0.5 tablet each

1 tablet each

2 tablets each


Storage Method:

Store in a dry and cool place. Always keep bottle tightened after use.



30 tablets / bottle


Batch Expiry Date:

November - December 2021

14-Day Trial Pack

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