🎁 This Gift Set is suitable for cats and dogs of all ages especially adult and seniors, hoping to improve their general well-being, liver and renal health. 🎁


🎁 Double Goodness Gift Set includes 好事成双礼盒内有: 

❤️ MoriLiv - Liver Protectant for Cats and Dogs x 1

❤️ MoriKid - Kidney Support for Cats and Dogs x 1

❤️ Happiness Treato Crystal Ball x 1

❤️ Good Luck Pill Case x 1

❤️ Prosperity Meow Red Packet x 6

❤️ Cash Vouchers (total worth RM 20) x 3


❤️MoriLiv - Liver Protectant

With Silymarin (milk thistle) as the main active ingredient, this pet supplement strengthens the liver function of cats and dogs, especially pets that are under processing medication, post-operative, and following accidents. It also contains Astragalus root and licorice which is widely used in traditional chinese medicine as anti-inflammatory remedy.


🌿MoriLiv Active Ingredients 

Silymarin (milk thistle), Astagalus root, Moringa oleifera, licorice, yeast hydrolysate (GSH), vitamin E and C, zinc methionine chelate, Enterococcus faecium.


🌿Suitable for 🐶🐱 

✅Dogs and cats that needed nutritional supplement for liver protection

✅ Maintaining normal metabolism, assisting liver cell repair and restoring liver functions 

✅ Helping the body in clearing free radicals, removing toxins and reducing lipid oxidation effects 


🌿MoriLiv Product Benefits 

💛Maintaining normal liver metabolism 

💛Assisting liver cells repair and restoring liver function 

💛Supporting liver function in processing medication 

💛Assisting in liver detoxification and clearing free radicals in the body




MoriKid - Kidney Support 


🌿MoriKid Active Ingredients 

Chitosan, glutathione, microalgae and various amino acids.


🌿Suitable for 🐱🐶 

✅Dogs and cats that needed nutritional supplement for kidney health 

✅ Enhance the ability to reduce inflammatory response and help to promote renal tissue repair 

✅ Maintain normal function of kidneys, assiting the body to remove free radicals and toxins 


🌿MoriKid Product Benefits

💛Maintaining normal kidney functions 

💛Strengthening immunity and reducing inflammatory responses 

💛Aiding in the repair of kidney cells and clearance of free radicals 

💛Aiding in decreasing the toxin level



🌿 Effective, easy-to-use, affordable! 

💯 Meat flavoured tablets, favourited by even picky eaters like poodle🐩

💯 Nutritional superfood to improve general well-being 🍎

💯 One tablet per day, as a treat reward to your pets 🍗


Double Goodness 好事成双

RM198.00 Regular Price
RM158.00Sale Price
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One-time purchase
Subscribe 6 months
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RM126.40monthly/ 6 months
  • ❤️ MoriLiv - 宠物肝脏保健 x 1

    ❤️ MoriKid - 宠物肾脏保健 x 1

    ❤️ 开心零食水晶球 x 1

    ❤️ 好运便携药盒 x 1

    ❤️ 富贵猫红包封 x 6

    ❤️ 现金劵 (总值 RM 20) x 3

    🎁 好事成双礼盒适合每个年龄层的狗猫,尤其年成年/老狗猫,有效帮助改善整体健康、维持健康肝肾功能。🎁

    ❤️MoriLiv - 宠物日服肝脏保健




    🌿适合对象 🐶🐱 


    ✅ 维持机体正常新陈代谢,辅助肝细胞修复、恢复肝脏功能

    ✅ 帮助机体清楚自由基、减少毒性、减轻脂质氧化反应

    ✅ 改善因营养缺乏引起的厌食、提高食欲、改善健康

    🌿MoriLiv 作用特点






    MoriKid - 宠物日服肾脏保健

    🌿MoriKid 主要成分



    ✅ 肾脏保护营养剂

    ✅ 减缓炎性反应程度、帮助促进肾组织修复

    ✅ 维持肾脏功能、帮助机体清楚自由基、减少毒素

    🌿MoriKid 作用特点



    💛 帮助促进肾组织修复、帮助机体清楚自由基




    💯 天然肉味,挑食贵宾狗也爱吃 🐩

    💯 天然营养成分维持狗猫健康 🍎

    💯 一天一颗,也可以当作零食奖赏狗猫 🍗





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