Our BEST SELLER COMBO: Morimmune and MoriDerm is here as our Double Happiness Gift Set in this Chinese New Year 2021! 🎁


This Gift Set is suitable for cats and dogs of all ages, hoping to improve their general well-being, immunity and skin coat health. ðŸŽ

🎁 Double Happiness Gift Set includes:

❤️ Morimmune - Immune Booster for Cats and Dogs 

❤️ MoriDerm - Skin Coat Enhancer for Cats and Dogs 

❤️ Happiness Treato Crystal Ball 

❤️ Good Luck Pill Case 

❤️ Prosperity Meow Red Packet 

❤️ Cash Vouchers 


Morimmune - Daily Immune Booster 

🌿Suitable for 🐶🐱 

✅Senior cats and dogs: Reduces recurrence of respiratory issues, ear infections, urinary tract infections. 

✅Young pups and kittens: Strengthens immunity for optimal growth 

✅Dogs and cats adapting new environment: alleviates stress 


🌿Morimmune Active Ingredients 

Moringa oleifera, microalgae, probiotics, vitamin E, organic trace elements 


🌿Morimmune Product Benefits 

💛Natural immunity booster for pets 

💛Rich in natural anti-oxidants with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties 

💛Promotes faster healing especially after surgery recovery 

💛Improves digestive system, promote proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria 


MoriDerm - Skin Coat Enhancer 

🌿Suitable for 🐶🐱 

This product is a nutritonal supplement for skin and fur coat health.

✅ Dogs and cats suffer from skin problems, supporting skin and hair regrowth

✅ Maintain the moisture content of skin and hair stratum corneum, protect skin and hair strength. 

✅ Reduce stress response, relieve skin itching caused by tension and bad behaviour. 


🌿MoriDerm Active Ingredients 

Evening primrose oil, lecithin, Moringa oleifera, seaweed powder, rosemary, cranberry extract, probiotics and multivitamins.


🌿MoriDerm Product Benefits 

💛 Sooth inflammatory and itchy skin conditions 

💛 Promoting skin and coat health and strengthening skin barrier 

💛 Improving hair loss conditions due to nutritional deficiencies 

💛 Reduces the risk for infection and external parasitic infestation 


🌿Effective, easy-to-use, affordable! 

💯 Meat flavoured tablets, favourited by even picky eaters like poodles🐩

💯 Nutritional superfood to improve general well-being 🍎

💯 One tablet per day, as a treat reward to your pets 🍗

Double Happiness 双喜临门 2021

RM158.00 Regular Price
RM118.00Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
Subscribe 6 months
Save 20% for Morimmune & MoriDerm,when subscribe monthly.
RM94.40monthly/ 6 months
  • 🎁双喜临门礼盒适合每个年龄层的狗猫,尤其有效帮助改善整体健康、提高免疫力以及皮肤毛发亮丽。🎁

    🎁 双喜临门礼盒内有:

    ❤️ Morimmune 宠物免疫保健 x 1

    ❤️ MoriDerm 宠物护肤保健 x 1

    ❤️ 开心零食水晶球 x 1

    ❤️ 好运便携药盒 x 1

    ❤️ 富贵猫红包封 x 6

    ❤️ 现金劵 (总值 RM 20) x 3


    Morimmune - 宠物日服免疫保健

    🐶🐱 适合对象












    MoriDerm - 宠物日服护肤保健

    🐶🐱 适合对象

    ✅ 改善狗猫因营养缺乏引起的不良脱毛、提供营养素,促进毛发生长

    ✅ 维持宠物皮肤及毛发角质层的水分含量、保护皮肤及毛发韧性

    ✅ 减轻应激反应,舒缓皮肤瘙痒引起的紧张情绪及不良行为






    💛 减缓发炎瘙痒

    💛 加强皮肤屏障功能减少水分流失

    💛 改善营养不良引起的不良掉毛、提供营养素促进毛发生长

    💛 减少皮肤感染及寄生虫入侵



    💯 天然肉味,挑食贵宾狗也爱吃 🐩

    💯 天然营养成分维持狗猫健康 🍎

    💯 一天一颗,也可以当作零食奖赏狗猫 🍗





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