MoriDerm - Skin Coat Enhancer 宠物日服护肤保健

Suitable for 🐶 🐱 适合狗猫

This product is a nutritonal supplement for skin and fur coat health.

✅ Dogs and cats suffer from skin problems, supporting skin and hair regrowth 改善营养缺乏引起的不良脱毛、提供营养素,促进毛发生长

✅ Maintain the moisture content of skin and hair stratum corneum, protect skin and hair strength. 维持宠物皮肤及毛发角质层的水分含量、保护皮肤及毛发韧性

✅ Reduce stress response, relieve skin itching caused by tension and bad behaviour. 减轻应激反应,舒缓皮肤瘙痒引起的紧张情绪及不良行为


Active Ingredients 主要成分

Evening primrose oil, lecithin, Moringa oleifera, seaweed powder, rosemary, cranberry extract, probiotics and multivitamins.



Product Benefits 作用特点

💛 Sooth inflammatory and itchy skin conditions 减缓发炎瘙痒

💛 Promoting skin and coat health and strengthening skin barrier 加强皮肤屏障功能减少水分流失

💛 Improving hair loss conditions due to nutritional deficiencies 改善营养不良引起的不良掉毛、提供营养素促进毛发生长

💛 Reduces the risk for infection and external parasitic infestation 减少皮肤感染及寄生虫入侵


Effective, easy-to-use, affordable! 有效、简单、价廉优美!

💯 Meat flavoured tablets, favourited by even picky eaters like poodles🐩

💯 Nutritional superfood to improve general well-being 🍎

💯 One tablet per day, as a treat reward to your pets 🍗

💯 天然肉味,挑食贵宾狗也爱吃 🐩

💯 天然营养成分维持狗猫健康 🍎

💯 一天一颗,也可以当作零食奖赏狗猫 🍗



💗For 6-month Subscription 六个月超值配套

You will be receiving this gift set on this coming February as the first month of subscription and continue to receive another 5 months of the subscribed supplements (Morimmune and MoriDerm). 

您将于来临的2🈷️收到此礼盒,以及继续在接下来的5个🈷️陆续每个月收到保健盒 (免疫保健 和 护肤保健)。

✅You'll be saving 20% of the original price! 您将享有20%折扣!
✅We will ship a subscription box with Morimmune and MoriDerm to you every month, with no extra shipping fee! 我们将于每一个🈷️邮寄保健盒(免疫保健 和 护肤保健)到您家,邮费全免!
✅ Do note that your Debit/Credit Card will be deducted monthly by the automated system, once you have made the first initial payment. 当您决定签下此配套以及付款(第一个月)后,系统将自动每个月陆续扣除之后的款项。

MoriDerm (Skin Coat Enhancer) 宠物日服护肤保健

Price Options
One-time purchase
MoriDerm - 6 months
Please read more info and T&C in description!
RM47.20monthly/ 6 months
  • Directions for Use:

    As dietary supplement (oral use) only. Give once or twice daily. For optimal results, feed according to the body weight.

    For cats and dogs:

    Body Weight Below 5 kg 5 - 10 kg Above 10 kg
    No. of tablet 0.5 tablet each 1 tablet each 2 tablets each


    Storage Method:

    Store in a dry and cool place. Always keep bottle tightened after use.



    30 tablets / bottle


    Shelf Life:

    2 years

  • "We noticed a dramatic improvement on his overall skin health after a month! Baybii has bad allergy problem, he often smells like sourdough, tends to itch a lot and gets hotspots previously. He loves the supplement flavour, which helps us to gives him with his regular meals. " - Jas

    "Blanca had been dropping so much fur after changing to a new dog food previosuly. The fur has regrown and reduced in shedding significantly after taking for 2 weeks! - Louis






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