ATOP 7® Mousse – Allergic Skin (Dry Shampoo)

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Rinse-free cleansing and soothing foam

Because skincare starts with good hygiene, it is essential to use a good quality cleanser, adapted to your animal’s skin disorder. In cases of allergic dermatitis, it not only cleanses but also removes allergens from the skin surface.

ATOP 7® Mousse is a “dry shampoo” specifically developed for irritated, dry or allergy-prone skin of dogs and cats. Its formula rich in natural active ingredients with anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties helps:

  • Remove dirt and allergens
  • Reduce irritation and soothe itching
  • Hydrate the skin and reinforce the skin barrier function


The efficacy of ATOP 7® Mousse has been demonstrated in a clinical study performed under veterinary control during 2 weeks on 6 dogs presenting with pruritic dermatitis (2 applications of ATOP 7® Mousse per week, alone or in combination with the therapy).

Satisfaction score

Veterinarian Pet owner
Soothing effect: 7.6/10 Soothing effect: 8.7/10
General satisfaction: 8.7/10 General satisfaction: 8.7/10

Direction For Use

Start with brushing the coat to eliminate knots.

Shake before use.

Apply the product in your hands or directly onto the animal’s skin and coat and massage against the direction of hair growth.

Remove dirt with the help of a clean towel. Let the coat dry naturally and brush thoroughly.

This “dry shampoo” can be used twice a week. If your animal is already under an anti-allergy therapy, it is advised to enquire your veterinarian on how to add ATOP 7® Mousse to his/her skin care protocol.


This rinse-free foam cleanses and deodorizes thanks to its mild cleansing base rich inlipoaminoacids of green apple, saponaria root and lichen extracts.

Its formula also contains soothing and moisturizing agents (essential oil of lemon tea tree, glycerin from natural origin, hemp seed oil rich in omega 3 & 6 and more vegetable extracts).


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