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Dermoscent BIO BALM® Skin Balm

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Repairing and protective skin care product for nose, paws and calluses

The hydrating formula of Dermoscent BIO BALM® is based on organic-certified ingredients, and it has been specifically developed for the dry skin of dogs. The balm, which is water-resistant, nourishes and protects the paws and nose, and it helps treating non-infected calluses (also referred to as callous skin), particularly pressure point calluses, at elbow level. Dermoscent BIO BALM® is also indicated for superficial abrasions of the skin, and it also soothes interdigital irritations.


The efficacy of Dermoscent BIO BALM® has been proven thanks to a clinically study that has been carried out on 60 dogs, under veterinary supervision. A significant improvement on several criteria has been established.

Percentage of change between D 0 and D 28

Restoring-protection: +80%
Irritation: -100%
Soothing effect: +80%
Decongesting effect: +60%
Regeneration of the skin: +80%
Hydration of the skin: +60%

Direction For Use

Apply Dermoscent BIO BALM® on clean and dry areas, particularly on nose, elbows, paws and in the interdigital areas, once or more times a day.

To achieve a comfortable and optimal use of this balm with a rich texture, it is recommended to store the jar at a temperature between 15°C and 25°C.


The formula of Dermoscent BIO BALM® contains vegetable oil from soybean and essential oil of cajputi, and it does not contain any mineral oil.


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