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Double Goodness 好事成双

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???? This Gift Set is suitable for cats and dogs of all ages especially adult and seniors, hoping to improve their general well-being, liver and renal health. ????


???? Double Goodness Gift Set includes 好事成双礼盒内有: 

❤️ MoriLiv – Liver Protectant for Cats and Dogs x 1

❤️ MoriKid – Kidney Support for Cats and Dogs x 1

❤️ Happiness Treato Crystal Ball x 1

❤️ Good Luck Pill Case x 1

❤️ Prosperity Meow Red Packet x 6

❤️ Cash Vouchers (total worth RM 20) x 3


❤️MoriLiv – Liver Protectant

With Silymarin (milk thistle) as the main active ingredient, this pet supplement strengthens the liver function of cats and dogs, especially pets that are under processing medication, post-operative, and following accidents. It also contains Astragalus root and licorice which is widely used in traditional chinese medicine as anti-inflammatory remedy.


????MoriLiv Active Ingredients 

Silymarin (milk thistle), Astagalus root, Moringa oleifera, licorice, yeast hydrolysate (GSH), vitamin E and C, zinc methionine chelate, Enterococcus faecium.


????Suitable for ???????? 

✅Dogs and cats that needed nutritional supplement for liver protection

✅ Maintaining normal metabolism, assisting liver cell repair and restoring liver functions 

✅ Helping the body in clearing free radicals, removing toxins and reducing lipid oxidation effects 


????MoriLiv Product Benefits 

????Maintaining normal liver metabolism 

????Assisting liver cells repair and restoring liver function 

????Supporting liver function in processing medication 

????Assisting in liver detoxification and clearing free radicals in the body




MoriKid – Kidney Support 


????MoriKid Active Ingredients 

Chitosan, glutathione, microalgae and various amino acids.


????Suitable for ???????? 

✅Dogs and cats that needed nutritional supplement for kidney health 

✅ Enhance the ability to reduce inflammatory response and help to promote renal tissue repair 

✅ Maintain normal function of kidneys, assiting the body to remove free radicals and toxins 


????MoriKid Product Benefits

????Maintaining normal kidney functions 

????Strengthening immunity and reducing inflammatory responses 

????Aiding in the repair of kidney cells and clearance of free radicals 

????Aiding in decreasing the toxin level



???? Effective, easy-to-use, affordable! 

???? Meat flavoured tablets, favourited by even picky eaters like poodle????

???? Nutritional superfood to improve general well-being ????

???? One tablet per day, as a treat reward to your pets ????



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