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Double Happiness 双喜临门 2021

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Our BEST SELLER COMBO: Morimmune and MoriDerm is here as our Double Happiness Gift Set in this Chinese New Year 2021! ????


This Gift Set is suitable for cats and dogs of all ages, hoping to improve their general well-being, immunity and skin coat health. ????

???? Double Happiness Gift Set includes:

❤️ Morimmune – Immune Booster for Cats and Dogs 

❤️ MoriDerm – Skin Coat Enhancer for Cats and Dogs 

❤️ Happiness Treato Crystal Ball 

❤️ Good Luck Pill Case 

❤️ Prosperity Meow Red Packet 

❤️ Cash Vouchers 


Morimmune – Daily Immune Booster 

????Suitable for ???????? 

✅Senior cats and dogs: Reduces recurrence of respiratory issues, ear infections, urinary tract infections. 

✅Young pups and kittens: Strengthens immunity for optimal growth 

✅Dogs and cats adapting new environment: alleviates stress 


????Morimmune Active Ingredients 

Moringa oleifera, microalgae, probiotics, vitamin E, organic trace elements 


????Morimmune Product Benefits 

????Natural immunity booster for pets 

????Rich in natural anti-oxidants with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties 

????Promotes faster healing especially after surgery recovery 

????Improves digestive system, promote proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria 


MoriDerm – Skin Coat Enhancer 

????Suitable for ???????? 

This product is a nutritonal supplement for skin and fur coat health.

✅ Dogs and cats suffer from skin problems, supporting skin and hair regrowth

✅ Maintain the moisture content of skin and hair stratum corneum, protect skin and hair strength. 

✅ Reduce stress response, relieve skin itching caused by tension and bad behaviour. 


????MoriDerm Active Ingredients 

Evening primrose oil, lecithin, Moringa oleifera, seaweed powder, rosemary, cranberry extract, probiotics and multivitamins.


????MoriDerm Product Benefits 

???? Sooth inflammatory and itchy skin conditions 

???? Promoting skin and coat health and strengthening skin barrier 

???? Improving hair loss conditions due to nutritional deficiencies 

???? Reduces the risk for infection and external parasitic infestation 


????Effective, easy-to-use, affordable! 

???? Meat flavoured tablets, favourited by even picky eaters like poodles????

???? Nutritional superfood to improve general well-being ????

???? One tablet per day, as a treat reward to your pets ????


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