Joint Health – Joint & Arthritis Care

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GOODJOINT – Joint Health 宠物日服关节保健

🌿Active Ingredients 主要成分

  • Chondroitin Sulphate – vital structural component of cartilage in joints, promotes water retention and elasticity in joints.

    软骨素 – 重要的关节软骨组织成分,促进润滑保护关节、缓解关节磨损

  • Glucosamine HCL – easier to be absorbed in the digestive tract as compared to glucosamine sulphate form in human joint supplements)

    葡萄糖胺HCL: 比起人用关节保健品,此形式为最容易被宠物消化系统吸收


🌿Suitable for dogs and cats🐱🐶 适合狗猫

✅ Needed nutritional supplement for joint health 关节保护营养剂

✅ Limping, avoid using painful limb or non-weight bearing lameness 走路跛脚或喜欢用其它的腿

✅ Reduce playing time / less active, increase resting time 玩耍行为,减少睡眠增加

✅ Discomfort while switching body positions (from laying down to standing) 趴伏到站立时表现不适


🌿Product Benefits 作用特点

💛Aiding growth of articular cartilage 促进关节组织修复

💛Reducing joint pain due to arthritis 减轻关节炎症状如疼痛、肿胀、消炎

💛Strengthening joint cartilage’s structure and elasticity 增强关节滑液的粘度,避免骨头间摩擦

💛Vital nutrients for joint articular system 直接补充犬猫骨关节系统及滑液形成中最重要的营养物质


🌿Effective, easy-to-use, affordable! 

💯 Meat flavoured tablets, favourited by even picky eaters like poodle🐩

💯 Nutritional superfood to improve general well-being 🍎

💯 As a treat reward to your pets 🍗


💯 天然肉味,挑食贵宾狗也爱吃 🐩

💯 天然营养成分维持狗猫健康 🍎

💯 可以当作零食奖赏狗猫 🍗


💗For Monthly Subscription 每月订户超值配套

✅You’ll be saving 15% of the original price! 您将享有15%折扣!

✅We will ship your supply of GoodJoint to you every month! 我们将于每一个🈷️邮寄GoodJoint 到您家!

✅ Subscribers enjoy unlimited access of Vetachat service throughout the subscription period. 每月订户将获得免费无限次的Vetachat服务。

✅A minimum of 3-month subscription is mandatory to enjoy the perks and benefits as a subscriber. 订户必须订阅至少3个月或以上才可享受这些优惠。

✅ Do note that your Debit/Credit Card will be deducted monthly by the automated system, once you have made the first initial payment. 当您决定签下此配套以及付款(第一个月)后,系统将自动每个月陆续扣除之后的款项。

Direction For Use

May feed to pets directly as daily treats or mix into their food.

--Cat & Small Breed Dog--
1 tablet each time, 1-2 times daily.

--Medium & Large Breed Dog--
2 tablets each time, 1-2 times daily.

-- Please consult our pet health team if you have specific concern(s) or question(s) regarding to your furkid's health. --


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