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    Aromacalm® Cat Aromatherapy Calming Collar

    RM57.60 / monthRM64.00

    Dermo-collar to soothe the skin and calm the animal Aromacalm® is the 1st collar that has been developed to take care of the skin of dogs and cats. Aromacalm® is based on the benefits of phytotherapy and aromatherapy, and possesses a double action, allowing to bring tranquillity and serenity to the animal, while providing a soothing effect on the skin. This…

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    ATOP 7® Atopic Skin Shampoo

    RM42.30 / monthRM47.00

    Soothing shampoo-cream ATOP 7® Shampoo is a soothing shampoo–cream for irritated, dry or allergy-prone skin, in dogs and cats. Its concentrated formula is rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), extracted from plants and other 100% natural ingredients, and it has been specifically designed for dogs and cats (physiological pH). ATOP 7® Shampoo has no added…

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    ATOP 7® Atopic Skin Spray


    Soothing emulsion Formulated with 100% natural active ingredients and a physiological pH, ATOP 7® Spray is a soothing and hydrating patented emulsion for irritated or allergy-prone skin in dogs and cats. ATOP 7® Spray soothes the skin of the animal, by supporting the barrier function of the skin. It helps to restore the hydrolipid film…

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    ATOP 7® Mousse – Atopic Skin (Dry Shampoo)

    RM65.70 / monthRM73.00

    Rinse-free cleansing and soothing foam Because skincare starts with good hygiene, it is essential to use a good quality cleanser, adapted to your animal’s skin disorder. In cases of allergic dermatitis, it not only cleanses but also removes allergens from the skin surface. ATOP 7® Mousse is a “dry shampoo” specifically developed for irritated, dry or allergy-prone…

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    Atopic Skin Care Combo Set

    RM180.00 / monthRM194.00

    Paired for your pets’ allergic skin, giving a constant comfort for your pet.

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    Balancing Skin Care Combo Set

    RM114.30 / monthRM138.71

    Pairing up Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo and Essential 6® spot-on to regulates your pets’ skin.

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    Best Seller Combo (6-month Subscription)

    RM118.00 RM94.40 / month for 6 months

    Featuring our Best Sellers – Morimmune and MoriDerm, this supplement combo is definitely a daily essential for your fur kid’s general well-being and skin health. 此保健组合是Vetamind最为畅销的产品,许多毛孩们都喜爱每日食用以维持整体健康以及毛发亮丽。 💗For 6-month Subscription 六个月超值配套 ✅You’ll be saving 20% of the original price! 您将享有20%折扣! ✅We will ship a bottle of Morimmune and a bottle of MoriDerm to you every month,…

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    Dermoscent BIO BALM®

    RM53.10 / monthRM59.00

    Repairing and protective skin care product for nose, paws and calluses The hydrating formula of Dermoscent BIO BALM® is based on organic-certified ingredients, and it has been specifically developed for the dry skin of dogs. The balm, which is water-resistant, nourishes and protects the paws and nose, and it helps treating non-infected calluses (also referred to as callous…

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    Essential 6® Balancing Skin Shampoo

    RM42.30 / monthRM47.00

    Sebo-regulating shampoo for the management of cutaneous disorders Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo is a sebo-regulating shampoo that provides an efficient solution for cutaneous imbalances (also referred to as kerato-seborrhoeic disorders or problems) and their consequences: dull or brittle hair, dry or oily coat, bad odours, etc. With no added fragrance, its concentrated formula, rich in essential fatty acids (omega…

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    Essential 6® Balancing Skin Spot-on

    RM72.00 / monthRM96.00

    Multifunctional monodose skin care for all skin and hair types   Essential 6® spot-on is the n°. 1 spot-on dermo-cosmetic product for dogs and for cats that provides a simple and efficient solution for cutaneous imbalances (also referred to as kerato-seborrhoeic disorders or problems) and their consequences: dull or brittle hair, dry or oily coat,…

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    PYOclean® Infected Skin Shampoo

    RM42.30 / monthRM47.00

      Purifying shampoo for improved control of skin infections PYOclean® Shampoo is a purifying shampoo intended to optimise the management of recurrent skin infections. Its concentrated formula, rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), extracted from plants and the natural antimicrobial complex PhytoC-2®, has been specifically designed for dogs and cats (physiological pH). PYOclean® Shampoo…

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    PYOclean® OTO Ear Cleansing

    RM54.00 / monthRM60.00

    Purifying ear cleanser PYOclean® Oto is a purifying ear cleanser specially developed to cleanse the ear canal, particularly in dogs, cats and rabbits suffering from recurrent otitis externa. Packed in monodoses, it helps prevent any cross-contamination between ears (use of cleanser from a bottle can lead to germs being transferred from one ear to the other in case of otitis)….

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    PYOspot® Infected Skin Spot-on

    RM74.70 / monthRM103.00

    Purifying spot-on for improved control of skin infections PYOspot® is the 1st spot-on product with a formulation specially intended to purify the skin of dogs that experience recurrent infections. Thanks to its 100% natural active ingredients and in particular the innovative antimicrobial complex PhytoC-2®, PYOspot® restores the balance of the cutaneous flora and soothes the skin, whilst reinforcing the skin barrier, hence maintaining a…

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    Renal Supplement

    MoriKid (Kidney Protectant) 宠物日服肾脏保健

    RM67.15 / monthRM79.00

    MORIKID – Kidney Support 宠物日服肾脏保健   Why spending so much for overpriced on target body systems pet supplements? Owners who worry about their pets’ kidney condition can go for this supplement whereby it improves renal health by supporting the kidney function in the cases of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and acute kidney injuries (AKI). The main…

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    Liver Supplement

    MoriLiv (Liver Support) 宠物日服肝脏保健

    RM67.15 / monthRM79.00

    MORILIV – Liver Protectant 宠物日服肝脏保健   With Silymarin (milk thistle) as the main active ingredient, this pet supplement strengthens the liver function of cats and dogs, especially pets that are under processing medication, post-operative, and following accidents. It also contains Astragalus root and licorice which is widely used in traditional chinese medicine as anti-inflammatory remedy. 水飞蓟素为主要成分具有抗氧作用,可增强肝细胞修复能力和再生能力,尤其适合长期服用药物、术后、受伤复原中的宠物。此保健品也含有黄芪及甘草,这两个成分为常见传统中药抗炎治疗。  …

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    Skin Fur Enhancer

    MoriDerm (Skin Coat Enhancer) 宠物日服护肤保健

    RM50.15 / monthRM59.00

    MoriDerm – Skin Coat Enhancer 宠物日服护肤保健 Suitable for 🐶 🐱 适合狗猫 This product is a nutritonal supplement for skin and fur coat health. ✅ Dogs and cats suffer from skin problems, supporting skin and hair regrowth 改善营养缺乏引起的不良脱毛、提供营养素,促进毛发生长 ✅ Maintain the moisture content of skin and hair stratum corneum, protect skin and hair strength. 维持宠物皮肤及毛发角质层的水分含量、保护皮肤及毛发韧性 ✅…