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  • Prunus Ear Clinic Pads

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    Prunus Ear Cleaning Pads (40 sheets) is made suitable for pets that shy away from liquid cleaning method. The ready sheets are convenient to the pet owners as well.
    Not only for dogs, Prunus Ear Cleaning Pads is also suitable for cats.

  • Sale! Pyo Clean OTO For Ear Cleaning

    PYOclean® OTO Ear Cleansing

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    Purifying ear cleanser PYOclean® Oto is a purifying ear cleanser specially developed to cleanse the ear canal, particularly in dogs, cats and rabbits suffering from recurrent otitis externa. Packed in monodoses, it helps prevent any cross-contamination between ears (use of cleanser from a bottle can lead to germs being transferred from one ear to the other in case of otitis)….