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Welcome to Vetamind, your trusted veterinarian-approved online pet wellness product platform and consultation service. We offer more than just vitamins; we strive to empower pet owners to make informed choices for their pets' nutrition and care.


For Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat

Sooth inflammatory & itchy skin conditions
Promoting skin & coat health
Improving hair loss conditions
Reduce the risk of external parasitic infections

For Stronger and Healthier
Immune System

Immune booster for pets
Rich in antioxidants with anti-aging function
Promotes faster recovery and reduces inflammation
Improves digestion with probiotics
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From RM71.40/month
From RM75.65/month

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We meticulously select sophisticated ingredients for our pet supplements and food.

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We provide delivery within Malaysia and we ship out your orders within 2 working days.

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Our products are scientifically proven, results-driven, and recommended by veterinarians.

Customer Testimonial
Ee Hwa

这个产品真的很给力! 我的狗狗本身皮肤比较敏感容易生红点 但是自从吃 ...

Ee Hwa
Veron Jamie

I have tried many products and sup ...

Veron J...

Oka & Soya loves Vetamind Supp ...

Aileen ...

Bucky loveeeeeees vetamind supplem ...

Ee Lynn...

I have a French bulldog who has ch ...

Maxie YF
Edward Lau

之前juyuk身体非常敏感,不断抓痒到皮肤出血。现在服用了Vetam ...

Edward Lau

yeah~dory的维他命收到啦~它终于可以当只健康又可爱的狗狗啦& ...

Annie Yeoh

I got this immunity supplement thr ...


Great Great products and Lovely se ...

Oh Hui Mun
Soon Yueh Tyug

谢谢Vetamine的保健产品,让我家的毛孩poppy在服用了三罐M ...

Soon Yu...

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Pets need vitamins and health supplements just like we do! Getting the suitable vitamins that your pet needs can help improve their skin & coat condition, boost their immune system, and promote overall better health. We also provide other pet essentials such as healthy treats & pet shampoo.

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