You can visit to our online store through our website or chat with our FB messger/Whatsapp. Pick your preferred items and add them to your shopping cart/order directly from the customer support team. You can pay via Credit/Debit Card/Bank Transfer to make your purchase. Once payment confirmed, our team will proceed with delivery of your purchased items.
Yes! We do give basic consultation for our customers who are interested to know how to improve the wellbeing of their pets. This is a free of charge service which we are committed to help the pet owners. Contact us via Whatsapp and message our technical team.
No, we only provide a basic consultation where we share professional opinions on how to improve your pet’s wellbeing. If there is any condition for your pets, we strongly recommend you to see the veterinarian nearest to you. Do not delay as your pet is suffering too.
Yes, you can. Just login into your Vetamind account on our website and head to your personal Subscription page. From there, you can make the changes and confirm.
Note that once you alter the subscription plan, you may lose the package discounts, freebies, exclusive access to product/package and more!
You will be charged automatically based on the subscription plan duration via your locked credit card. Any failure of payment will be notified to you through email and message. Note that once the payment is confirmed, we will proceed with shipping of product.
Unfortunately, we do not provide any free sample at the moment. You can proceed to consult our technical team to ensure you are comfortable to purchase our product.
As of now, we are charging a flat rate of RM10.00 for East Malaysia and RM15.00 for West Malaysia. However, for our subscription customers, we provide free shipping by keying in “FLYTOME” promo code when you are paying for the package.
You can login into your account and click into your personal order page. Our team will update the tracking code and you can track the status of your order accordingly.
You can check out our detailed guideline on how to register and start earning through our Vetamind Affiliate Program.
Click here to learn more.