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  • Sale! Best Seller Combo - Morimmune + Moriderm (Moringa Series)

    Best Seller Combo (Subscription Plan)

    RM100.30RM200.60 / month

    Featuring our Best Sellers – Morimmune and MoriDerm, this supplement combo is definitely a daily essential for your fur kid’s general well-being and skin health. 此保健组合是Vetamind最为畅销的产品,许多毛孩们都喜爱每日食用以维持整体健康以及毛发亮丽。 💗For Subscription 超值配套 ✅You’ll be saving 15% of the original price! 您将享有15%折扣! ✅We will ship a bottle of Morimmune and a bottle of MoriDerm to you every month, with…

  • Morimmune - Immune Booster
    Immune Booster

    Morimmune (Immune Booster 宠物免疫保健)

    RM53.10RM106.20 / month

    Morimmune – Daily Immune Booster 宠物日服免疫保健 Suitable for 🐶🐱 适合对象 ✅Senior cats and dogs: Reduces recurrence of respiratory issues, ear infections, urinary tract infections. 年老狗猫-减少复发性呼吸系统疾病、耳道感染以及尿道感染。 ✅Young pups and kittens: Strengthens immunity for optimal growth 幼小狗猫-增强免疫力、帮助健康成长。 ✅Dogs and cats adapting new environment: Alleviates stress 帮助狗猫适应新环境、对抗压迫。   Active Ingredients 保健品成分 Moringa oleifera, microalgae, probiotics, vitamin E, organic trace…