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  • Sale! Joint Health Supplement for Cats and Dogs

    Joint Health – Joint & Arthritis Care

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    GOODJOINT – Joint Health 宠物日服关节保健 🌿Active Ingredients 主要成分 Chondroitin Sulphate – vital structural component of cartilage in joints, promotes water retention and elasticity in joints. 软骨素 – 重要的关节软骨组织成分,促进润滑保护关节、缓解关节磨损 Glucosamine HCL – easier to be absorbed in the digestive tract as compared to glucosamine sulphate form in human joint supplements) 葡萄糖胺HCL: 比起人用关节保健品,此形式为最容易被宠物消化系统吸收   🌿Suitable for dogs…