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  • Mori-liv - Liver Protectant
    Liver Supplement

    MoriLiv (Liver Support) 宠物日服肝脏保健

    RM71.10RM142.20 / month

    MORILIV – Liver Protectant 宠物日服肝脏保健   With Silymarin (milk thistle) as the main active ingredient, this pet supplement strengthens the liver function of cats and dogs, especially pets that are under processing medication, post-operative, and following accidents. It also contains Astragalus root and licorice which is widely used in traditional chinese medicine as anti-inflammatory remedy. 水飞蓟素为主要成分具有抗氧作用,可增强肝细胞修复能力和再生能力,尤其适合长期服用药物、术后、受伤复原中的宠物。此保健品也含有黄芪及甘草,这两个成分为常见传统中药抗炎治疗。  …