Essential 6® Balancing Skin Shampoo

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Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo is based on a combination of 11 essential oils (clove, camphor, gaultheria, rosemary, curcuma, oregano, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, cedar and niaouli), combined with hemp oil, rich in essential fatty acids (? 3 and 6). Its cleansing base contains lipoaminoacides from green apples which degrade easily in the environment.

Essential 6® Balancing Skin Shampoo

Sebo-regulating shampoo for the management of cutaneous disorders

Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo is a sebo-regulating shampoo that provides an efficient solution for cutaneous imbalances (also referred to as kerato-seborrhoeic disorders or problems) and their consequences: dull or brittle hair, dry or oily coat, bad odours, etc. With no added fragrance, its concentrated formula, rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) extracted from plants, contains the same synergy of essential oils as Essential 6® spot-on plus the essential oil of niaouli. Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo has been specifically developed for dogs and cats (physiological pH) and is intended to:

  • gently clean, thanks to its soap-free high-tolerance cleansing base,
  • efficiently eliminate dandruff,
  • deodorise,
  • restore the balance of skin and coat


The efficacy of Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo has been proven thanks to a clinically study that has been carried out under veterinary supervision. A significant improvement on several criteria has been established.

Percentage of change between D 0 and D 28

Dog   Cat
Fur shine: +98%   Fur shine: +97%
Presence of dandruff: -71%   Presence of dandruff: -69%
Balance of the skin: +100%   Balance of the skin: +93%
Deodorising effect: +92%  

Apply the shampoo on the animal’s coat which has been previously moistened with lukewarm water. Start to massage to achieve a good volume of foam all over the animal’s body. Leave on for at least two minutes. Then rinse off abundantly and dry off the animal.

Specifically formulated for sensitive animal skin, this shampoo can be used once to several times a week.

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