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PYOclean® Spray

Purifying care for the skin of dogs and cats

The skin naturally harbors a number of micro-organisms, including bacteria and microscopic fungi, which are known as the cutaneous flora. This flora is normally self-regulating, but in some weakened animals (suffering from allergies or parasitic infection, etc.), micro-organisms may proliferate abnormally, causing skin infections (such as pyoderma or Malassezia dermatitis).

PYOclean® Spray is a product care that purifies the skin of animals subject to skin infections by way of natural active ingredients with antimicrobial properties. It also helps the flora restore its natural balance, whilst stimulating its natural defenses and soothing the skin.  PYOclean® Spray thus strengthens the cutaneous barrier, resulting in better hydrated and stronger skin.

The highly practical spray presentation is ideal for use on small areas as soon as the first signs appear (redness, pustules, crusts, etc.). For more widespread cases, PYOspot® is a more appropriate option. Please ask your veterinarian for further advice.


Treatment of cutaneous infection is lengthy and requires patience, often involving use of antibiotics. PYOclean® Spray is a beneficial, supplementary care which can help to reduce the use of antibiotics.

PYOclean® Spray contains Lavender and Manuka essential oils with antimicrobial and soothing virtues. The spray is also enriched with essential fatty acids extracted from plants with moisturizing properties. Other natural active ingredients (N-acetylcysteine…) help preserve the balance of cutaneous flora and strengthen natural defenses.


PYOclean® Spray is an ideal solution in cases of chin acne and around the whiskers and muzzle, etc. Protect your animal’s eyes if applying to the face.

Shake before use. Spray directly onto the affected area.

Apply PYOclean® Spray twice a day for 2 to 3 weeks. The frequency of application and duration of use may be adjusted by your vet according to the condition of your animal.

For animals which dislike sprays, use a cotton wool pad or compress.

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